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Curriculum Vitae


Until now Schenker AG
January 2018 Platform Engineer working for the Digitalization & Innovation department.
Cloud migration and automation with tools like Kubernetes, Jenkins, Gitlab-CI and Ansible in the AWS Cloud.
Operation of Kubernetes and of applications on it with all parts that are important to make applications high available for large user groups.
December 2017 ToMM Apps GmbH
March 2014 Development of a web and tablet solution for collecting report documents for journalists, for immediate transmission into a radio system.
Realization of trainings on web technologies like AngularJS, NodeJS and MongoDB.
Development of a web application to upload albums to a public boradcasting company.
Consulting and development of a modular mobile architecture and its integration into an existing customer portal.
Support in the development of a large customer portal, as well as the development of an authentication concept for mobile devices using JW tokens.
Development of microservices in a logistics project, as well as the development of a highly available kubernetes cluster with continuous integration and continuous deployment. Operation of the application and cluster on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Development of a development and deployment infrastructure on AWS with Infrastructure as code.
Mai 2014 Hochschule Ruhr West - University of applied sciences
December 2012 Development of various web-based solutions for the implementation of decision processes in management, such as risk analysis and stakeholder analysis.
Development of agents for the distributed analysis of activities in a social network.
November 2012 GEOsat GmbH
August 2011 Support in the production of GNSS devices for monitoring logistics.
Development of a software for configuring GNSS devices.
July 2011 Survey Office Dr. Schuster
2009 Preparation and submission of cadastral surveys and applications for construction permit.


~ early 2018 Computer Science
March 2016 Master of Science, Hochschule Ruhr West
2016 Business Informatics
September 2012 Bachelor of Science, Hochschule Ruhr West
2009 Surveying Technician
2006 Apprenticeship, Survey Office Dr. Schuster


Languages JavaScript, Java, SQL, CSS, HTML
Databases MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle
Frameworks Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Hibernate, JUnit, AngularJS, Angular, Ionic, Ionic2, Jasmine, Karma, Bootstrap, NodeJS, Express
Cloud & Operations Docker, Kubernetes, Monitoring (Prometheus, Grafana, ELK), Security (Vault by HashiCorp, ModSecurity), Ansible, Terraform, nginx, AWS
CI/CD Jenkins, Gitlab CI, Spinnaker


January 2016 Klein, aber fein - Microservice Architektur mit Docker und Kubernetes. Java Spektrum. 01/2016. ISSN: 1431-4436. M. Jansen, B. Wenzel
May 2017 Fachposter Business App Development. SIGS DATACOM 05/2017. M. Jansen, B. Wenzel